Gates 12GS-16FLH45MXBULK - G20357-1216X Hydraulic Hose Fitting

SKU 7347-5146
Weight 0.770000
L Length (in) 5.12
L Length (mm) 130.1
T Drop (in) 1.26
T Drop (mm) 32
C Cutoff (in) 3.11
C Cutoff (mm) 79
F Flange Head Thickness (in) 0.38
F Flange Head Thickness (mm) 9.7
M Flange Diameter (in) 1.88
M Flange Diameter (mm) 47.8
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Part Number 1 12GS-16FLH45MXBULK
Part Number 2 G20357-1216X
Hose Id (in) 3/4
Hose Id (mm) 19.1
Brand Gates
Manufacturer Gates

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Minimum Order Quantity: 40

Order in Increments of: 40

Order a Made-to-Order Hydraulic Hose Assembly with the Fitting:
Hose TypeHose I.D. (in)Hose O.D. (in)Max Working Pressure (psi)Min Burst Pressure (psi)Min Bend Radius (in)
Gates 12EFG6K Hydraulic Hose Assembly3/41.246000240004.7
Gates 12EFG5K Hydraulic Hose Assembly3/41.245000200004.7
Gates 12EFG4K Hydraulic Hose Assembly3/41.214000160004.7
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Fitting NameMinimum Order QuantityOrder in Increments OfPrice (ea)
Gates 12GS-16FLH45M - G20357-1216 Hydraulic Hose Fitting 11
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